What is Industry Smart

The simpler, smarter, safer identity & credential management solution for NZ industry.


Industry Smart provides you with a simple, one card solution to validate who you are to an employer. It allows you, in real-time, to ensure all your records and credentials are up-to-date in one place, so that it can be used across multiple sites.


Industry Smart provides an integrated solution using Smart Card and SaaS technology to validate workers’ and contractors’ credentials in real-time. The solution is robust, easy-to-implement and maintain, ensuring you have a true, accurate and transferable record of your employees' and contractors' credentials, accessible at all times.


Industry Smart is a fantastic tool for industry skills organisations. Manage your training catalogue and trainees directly through the solution. Update trainees’ records instantly upon successful assessment by scanning their Industry Smart cards. Integrate with other databases, manage expiries and retain more business.

“After implementing the Industry Smart solution, we think it has huge potential to aid productivity and improve the way we, our clients and contractors manage safety. Industry Smart is a great example of a practical tool that is quick and easy to implement.”

Scott McLeod - McLeod Cranes