Industry Smart's Story

First hand experience of the day-to-day challenges associated with running a construction business and keeping a workforce safe and healthy was central to the creation of Industry Smart. Our founder and chairman, Hugh Laity brings over 30 years experience, having owned and operated several successful businesses in both the building and construction sectors. A long time campaigner of workplace safety, Hugh understood the importance of ensuring that only those people with the right skills and knowledge should be working in hazardous environments, but he also witnessed how inefficient, time-consuming and less than effective many of the current processes across industry were in managing workplace risk. 

Detailed research identified the huge potential for a solution using smart technologies to solve this all-to-common workplace challenge. Hugh first partnered with Wayne Stemp, a veteran of the identity card field, with more than 30 years experience providing software and card-based solutions for various  industries both domestically and internationally. Hugh and Wayne partnered and together they developed Junction - the powerful software solution that supports Industry Smart.

For companies and organisations for whom it is vital to ensure workplace safety and compliance standards are met, Industry Smart provides a reliable, secure, simple-to-use, integrated solution that independently validates the credentials of your workforce and helps you work simpler, smarter and safer.