Leadership Team

  • <b>Hugh Laity</b><br>Chairman & Founder
    With more than 40 years experience in the construction industry, Hugh brings a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience to the Industry Smart team and is a strong advocate for improving workforce safety. Hugh has been using technology in his businesses to improve efficiency and effectiveness for years and firmly believes that Industry Smart can improve bottom line performance, improve safety and make compliance simpler.
  • <b>Jono Laity</b><br>General Manager
    Jono has more than 10 years experience in the construction industry. Most recently he has been heavily involved at a project management level with two of New Zealand's largest geothermal power station developments. As Managing Director of a large contracting company, Jono has experienced first-hand the issues surrounding identity and competency management.
  • <b>Elliot Moor</b><br>Business Development Manager
    Elliot’s previous experiene in the power generation and transmission line maintenance industries coupled with his more recent management post in the ICT Telecommunications sector means he is familiar with the complexities of current credential management systems. He believes in and values the Industry Smart solution as one which has the capacity to change the face of identity and credential management across New Zealand industry, delivering efficiency, safety and above all else, smarter methods of operation for businesses across the board.