The simpler, smarter, safer
identity & credential management solution

Industry Smart makes life simpler

Industry Smart provides an integrated solution using smart card and SaaS technologies to validate workers’ and contractors’ credentials in real-time. The solution is robust, easy-to-implement and maintain, ensuring companies have a true, accurate and transferable record of their employees and contractors.

For members, Industry Smart provides a simple, ‘one card’ approach that validates who you are to an employer. It allows you, in real-time, to ensure all your records and credentials are up-to-date and in one place. Carry it wherever and whenever you work. Soon, it will be the only card you’ll need to carry.


  • Fully Scalable
    Industry Smart is built using technology that is scalable and supports your growing requirements. Whether you have a handful of people or a few thousand, Industry Smart can grow with you to deliver improved safety and mitigate your organisations risk. 
  • Improves Safety
    Every check of an Industry Smart card reduces risk and increases confidence that only the right people with the right credentials are able to work for you or alongside you. It’s a genuine safeguard to prevent harm.
  • Fully Portable/ Transferable
    Industry Smart members can use the card wherever they need to. It is not a scheme limited to a single industry, organization or site. If you move on, so does your membership.
  • Saves Money
    With trustworthy information available at your fingertips, anyone you recruit with an Industry Smart card will have all the evidence you need to be confident they’ve got what you need to put them to work, safely. No need to retrain because they cannot lay their hands on their records.
  • Boosts Productivity
    Spend less time validating and crosschecking employee and contractor credentials and more time on delivery. Never allow a crucial credential to expire again with automated expiry alerts to remind you to act.
  • Easy Integration
    Industry Smart is built using the latest technology in application development (API’s) making it even easier to have your excisiting applications talk to ours. With configuration, we can link to or synchronise with your systems, which in turn improves data quality and saves you even more time.
  • Saves Time
    Get on site and to work without delay by using your Industry Smart card to provide evidence of your identity and credentials. Put skilled and inducted staff to work with the confidence they are properly prepared to work in a hazardous environment
  • Simpler Compliance
    Produce push-button reports to provide the evidence you need. Members can send their profile to anyone via email. Organisations can report on the people and credentials of all in their Industry Smart membership to demonstrate compliance.
  • Saves Paper
    Do away with needless paper trails and portfolios of evidence. Just scan and upload your evidence to your Industry Smart account.
  • Greater Peace of Mind
    Responsible or accountable for safety? Ensure all meet requirements and are validated BEFORE being put at risk. Working alongside someone for the first time? Know that they have been properly validated before they start work.